• Recommended Practitioners
A list of highly recommended practitioners, caregivers and classes.

• Fullscript
Fullscript makes it easy for practitioners to recommend evidence-based supplements and protocols to their patients. Catherine Stewart-Lindley is a prescribing practitioner and makes all the recommendations for Labor of Love.

​• Amazon "labor supplies" list
This is a list of the things our clients have said they loved the most. This is not a business list and we make no money from anything you might decide to purchase from it. It is compiled for educational purposes only.

• Visualization
Its helpful to create a relaxing, stress-relieving practice before the birth. It greatly aids in the labor matter what type of birth you desire!

• Dr. Sarah Buckley
Dr. Sarah Buckley's long awaited, comprehensive report, released January 2015 - "Hormonal Physiology of Childbearing: Evidence and Implications for Women, Babies and Maternity Care"

• Pain to Power Online Childbirth Experience
Pain to Power is a program for women who are ready to take back their power and reclaim ownership of their birth experience so they can have a pleasurable birth. It’s for women who are ready to move from Pain to Power!

• Debra Pascali-Bonaro & Orgasmic Birth
Orgasmic Birth, a documentary, examines the sexual nature of birth and its powerful role in the lives of women who are permitted to experience it fully. People who see this film will reexamine everything they thought they knew about the act of giving birth and its life-affirming potential for both parents and baby. How women are cared for as they give birth and how their babies enter the world have profound effects - not just immediately - for the families involved, but also later, on all of society.

• The Cochrane Collaboration
Improving healthcare decision-making globally, through systematic reviews of the effects
of healthcare interventions, published in 
The Cochrane Library.

• The Coalition for Improving Maternity Services
Having a Baby?  Ten Questions to Ask.

• Cord Blood Banking

• Spinning Babies
Gravity works 24/7. The positions a woman rests in through pregnancy, as well as her posture and choices in movement, effect the condition of her muscles, ligaments and pelvic joints. This can have a profound influence on the course of labor -- sometimes as early as the first trimester.

• Every Mother (formerly known as The Dia Method)
Every Mother is designed for women at all stages of motherhood, from early pregnancy to decades after giving birth. They offer an evidence-based pre and postnatal fitness program proven to prevent/resolve diastasis recti and improve core strength/function.

• Kelly Mom Breastfeeding Website
Fantastic Breastfeeding Resource!  

• Breastcrawl video
A newborn, when placed on the mother’s abdomen, soon after birth, has the ability to find its mother’s breast all on its own and to decide when to start the first breastfeed. This is the ‘Breast Crawl.’

•  La Leche League
The La Leche Leagues mission: To help mothers worldwide to breastfeed through mother-to-mother support, encouragement, information, and education and to promote a better understanding of breastfeeding as an important element in the healthy development of the baby and mother.

• RCG Kids
An incredible chilcare option for babies that makes moms feel good about going back to work!

• Childbirth Connection
The source for trustworthy up-to-date evidence-based information and resources for pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum.

• Cardinal Movements
Watch the internal movement the baby makes in order to be born.  In this animation, the mother is on her back which does not allow this process to happen as effectively but is fine for the purposes
of showing these movements.

• Childbirth Education on the Web
Great resource for answering questions about Pregnancy, Labor and Birth, Coping with Pain in Labor, Postpartum Self Care, Baby Care, etc.

• International Cesarean Awareness Network
ICAN works to lower the rate of unnecessary cesareans, supports vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC), and encourages positive birthing through education and advocacy.

• The Car Seat Lady 
The Car Seat Lady provides accurate, up-to-date information about how to keep your most precious cargo safe.  She offers experienced, private car seat installation lessons in the New York City area.

• Car Seats For The Littles
Great source for car seat information

• Tardive Dyskinesia 
Tardive Dyskinesia is a permanent movement disorder caused by the drug Reglan.

• Comfort for Labor
A great resource for laboring without a doula.
Print it, study it, practice the suggested techniques together and then keep in your birth bag.

• Acupressure Points for Labor
A great resource for laboring without a doula.
Print it, study it and then keep in your birth bag.

• Holistic Moms Network
Parenting is a tough job. Find Your Tribe!

• PennySimkin and Comfort Measures for Childbirth
Penny is a PT, doula, writer, teacher, and speaker.

• Pregnancy Calendar - Week by Week 
A window to the womb. Follow your progress as 
well as baby's through this 42 week journey.

• Ecstatic Birth
Learn how to use the creative power of birth.

• Have You Had That Baby Yet? 
A link to send family, friends and co-workers who continuously ask if the baby has come yet.

Whether for a baby shower, birth announcement or to honor your birth team during labor, these are some of the tastiest treats you'll ever find!

"...a woman can give birth intact, uninjured and unafraid."

~ Ina May Gaskin

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